Can you help me with sign design layout?

Yes! We normally have at least two graphic designers on staff to help you with your design needs. We can also help create a logo and other graphic design items.

Is there a required minimum order number?

Yes. Each order must value a minimum of $25. There will be a handling fee applied to orders below $25 to make the order equal or minimum requirement.

What type of art files do you accept?

Ideally, we prefer vector art images in an .AI, .EPS, or /PDF file. Before you send files over make sure the fonts are converted to outlines. If all you have are raster images we would prefer them actual size, with a resolution of at least 100 dpi, but we can work with any image or file you can provide.

How do I convert fonts to outlines?

For Illustrator select the text boxes and go to Type on the top menu bar then select Create Outlines. In Photoshop, select Type Layer or Layers and in the top menu bar select Type and Rasterize Type Layer. In InDesign, select the text boxes and go to Type on the top menu bar then select Create Outlines.

Which programs will let me save in vector formats?

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and Corel Draw are the most common software programs that can save in vector formats. Photoshop cannot produce vector art, even if saved as a .PDF or .EPS. Vector art is required if vinyl lettering is to be cut out of colored vinyl rather than printed.

How long will cut vinyl graphics last?

Cut vinyl graphics can last anywhere from 1-9 years depending on the type of vinyl used, how extreme the environment that they are located, what the surface material is and whether it is on a horizontal or vertical surface. Car graphics and sign face graphics normally last from 5-9 years with the high performance cast vinyl.

How long will printed vinyl graphics last?

Unlaminated, printed vinyl graphics will last about 1-2 years as they have no abrasion or UV protection. Lamination can extend the graphics life to 5-6 years because it adds both UV protection and abrasion resistance.

How do I remove vinyl graphics?

Vinyl graphics applied to glass are very simple to remove. You can just use a new razor blade scraper to scrape the vinyl graphics off the glass surface. Once removed, clean the area with isopropyl alcohol or another adhesive cleaner. For vinyl graphics applied to paintwork, use a heat gun or let the vehicle sit in the sun. Use your finger nail to lift the edge of the vinyl and slowly pull it off.

Can I wash my vehicle after installing vinyl graphics?

We recommend allowing 24-48 hours after installation before washing your vehicle. This allows the adhesives to bond. After this time period you can wash just like you normally wash paintwork. Do not use a pressure washer directly on the vinyl graphics.

What is the typical turnaround time?

On average, turnaround time is anywhere between 2 to 5 days. Large format printing can take longer for ink drying time and lamination processes. Custom CNC routed letters, cast letters, monument and channel letter signs can take up to 6 weeks.

Can I use my rear windshield wipers if I have graphics on my back window?

We strongly suggest not doing so as the wiper will scratch the vinyl. It can also start peeling up the lettering that has been applied. If you use your wipers, we cannot guarantee your graphics will last the expected life of the product.

Can you do custom shaped signs?

Yes we can! We have a CNC router with a 10’ x 6’ router table. It can cut aluminum, plastic, wood and other materials to custom shapes. The router is run by a computer that reads a vector art file and moves around the table to cut accordingly. This produces precision cut products.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discovery as well as check, cash or money orders. We do not accept American Express at this time.